I am Fruity Yogi.

My name is Peter

I do my best not to be bored

I invite you for yoga workshops and classes

Meet me on some workshops or regular classes. Online or live. In group or individually.

Opinions of professionals

I have studied with Peter several times in the last year. Peter has an in-depth knowledge of asanas, but encourages his students to go beyond mere practice. He often stays after classes to work with students individually and help them develop their practice or answer questions about nutrition and health. Peter genuinely cares about the well-being of his students and has a real love for yoga. We want to undertake a longer workshop cooperation, because I value his knowledge and skills.
-Monika Bolesta

yoga teacher, owner of yoga studio Sarasvati

I started my adventure with Piotr in January and I am very grateful for the tips I received from him, especially when it comes to backbends. Classes with Piotr are very well thought out and tailored to the student. I really like his intuition and the support that Piotr gives during practice. Fruity yogi shares knowledge and his energy that feeds body and soul.

-Katarzyna Dwulit

yoga teacher, owner of yoga & ayurveda studio Mandala

Peter is a great asana teacher. He is firmly rooted in the physicality and understands this subject well. Sequences are thought out and developed all the time along with the teacher’s personal development. These classes are ideal for intermediate and advanced asana practitioners. With the Fruity Yogi”s method, you can quickly see improvements in range and strength.
-Ada Jakimiec

yoga teacher, founder of portal