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Opinions of professionals

Peter is the type of teacher who introduces a very friendly atmosphere in the classes and to whom you want to return, so since then we see each other from time to time at various workshops. What I like about him is that he learns not only from yoga, but also from other sports, so he has quite a wide knowledge that he can share among students, adapting to their level of advancement. I am sure that many participants had their “first times” in asanas with him.

-Diana Mazurczak

yoga teacher

A great value for me from workshops with Piotr is the well-thought-out structure of the practice, which gives a sense of understanding. This, in turn, allows you to go deeper, even if we avoid certain groups of asanas on a daily basis, e.g. deep bends or balances on the hands.
During the workshops, we touched items that were new to me, or even out of reach, and thanks to the variants proposed by Piotr, I felt ready to try them – with good results.
Piotr uses the knowledge of how to stretch the body, there were active, passive and isometric variants – it is very inspiring for his own practice.

-Lidia Pawela

yoga teacher

His practice is a challenge for practicing yogis, he can teach how to properly perform individual elements of asanas, leads to finding the right position for himself.
By observing students’ practice during classes, he adjusts the level of advancement to the group and individual participants.
Yoga in its delicate form requires good body preparation and wise guidance of practitioners. Piotr has a knowledge base to safely guide his students through practice. During practice, he also deals with the aspects of breathing and relaxation, emphasizing the importance of breathing in practicing yoga.
He exudes good energy and senses what students need and tries to provide it by skillfully conducting classes.

-Sabina Głogowska

yoga teacher